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Aktuelle Studien

Coping with Corona (CoCo) Studie

The CoCo study is a joint research project of the WWU Münster, University of Osnabrück and LMU Munich and deals with the investigation of various social and psychological contexts during the Corona pandemic. We are particularly interested in the extent to which smartphone data can be used to infer relationships between social interaction, personality, mood, and well-being, for example.

Past studies

Dynamic interactions between personality traits and social relationships (DIPS).

The cooperation project with the University of Heidelberg (Prof. Dr. Cornelia Wrzus) and the German Institute for Economic Research (Prof. Dr. David Richter) is concerned with the study of dynamics in social relationships in everyday life. We are particularly interested in the influence of personality traits (such as extraversion, affiliation motive) and social context (e.g., social network, population density) on relationship dynamics.

ZPID Study

Together with the Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID) we have launched the large-scale smartphone sensing panel study mit über 800 Personen durchgeführt. Dabei haben wir uns die Smartphone-Nutzungsgewohnheiten aller Teilnehmer:innen über einen Zeitraum von 3 bis 6 Monaten angeschaut, um das menschliche Erleben, Gewohnheiten und Vorlieben und das Verhalten im Alltag besser zu verstehen zu lernen.

Moody Life Study

This LMU research project is all about sleep. For example, we are interested in whether smartphone usage data provides information about sleep habits and sleep quality in everyday life, or how sleep behavior is related to mood and human characteristics. In this 14-day study, you will not only use our smartphone app, but also wear a movement measurement wristband and answer short questionnaires about your sleep every day.