Predicting personality from patterns
of behavior collected with smartphones

Stachl et al. 2020

To what extent can information about our personality be derived from our smartphone use? We addressed this question in a recent study. We were able to show that information such as the use of certain apps, communication with the smartphone, music or movement patterns can indeed be used to derive relevant information about the user's personality. The personality values predicted by the machine learning algorithms used correlated moderately to highly with the self-reported personality values of the test subjects. 

To Challenge the Morning Lark and the Night Owl: Using Smartphone Sensing Data to Investigate Day-Night Behavior Patterns

Schoedel et al. 2020

In this study, the PhoneStudy app was used for the first time in the context of sleep research. With the help of data from 597 study participants, the question was investigated, among other things, whether the common typification of "morning and evening people" is reflected in smartphone data. In addition, correlations with personality and social jet lag were investigated.

Digital Footprints of Sensation Seeking

Schoedel et al. 2019

Using the personality trait sensation seeking as an example, this study highlights the use of smartphone data and machine learning models to predict psychological constructs. Even though the algorithms used did not achieve reliable prediction results, they performed better than the uninformed comparison model. The study thus contributes to the understanding of a comparatively new research approach in psychology.

Personality Traits Predict Smartphone Usage

Stachl et al. 2017

Can our individual characteristics be used to predict how we use our smartphone? This question was to be answered in one of the first studies within the PhoneStudy project.
In fact, various smartphone-related behaviors could be derived from personality traits or intelligence scores, such as the frequency of general smartphone use or the use of specific apps (communication, photography, gaming, etc.).